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Waterstones Head Office 203-206 Piccadilly London W1J 9HD

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Chris J. Bowers 7 months ago on Google
( 4 out of 5 )

The site is bigger than it looks with a downstairs (basement) containing a sitting area and coffee shop.
A great selection of books and very well organised. …

Gemma Burke 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Nipped into this store around 9pm to pick up a travel guide as I’m going away on holiday in a few days time, I had intended to rush in and out as I was sure they would be closing soon. I headed downstairs where a few of the store assistants …

Nico Pittórtou 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Really friendly and helpful staff. Great selection of books that you could be tempted to browse for hours. Watch out though, not all Waterstones have the same offers on books, but if you find a good manager, they will match the offer of another branch.

Waterstones FAQs

Does this shop have a lift?

Yes the shop has lift and stairs both. The lift is spacious enough .

Have you got a copy of 'Nina Simone - The Biography' and if so do you deliver in London?
Does anyone answer the phone? Is the phone number on the website correct?
Can make an online meeting in the cafe while having coffee?
Do you have a vast choice of school books kidergarten and primary? Books implementing the new curricula?
Is it possible to speak to this store? I casnnot get an answer from the number here. Ever!
Is there free wifi access?ie could I do work on my laptop whilst having coffee/food?
Does this Waterstones have a cafe?
Hi, do you have Children illustrated book Little Tommy and the Kingdom of Clouds by Solonair? Thank you
Does this shop ever answer the phone?
Is the shop open on the 27th December?
Will you be open on Monday 19th September 3pm?
do you sell any novels written by contemporary Ukrainian authors in either Ukraininan or Russian. I would like to come up tomorrow if so and buy 2 or 3. Thanks
Do you have the book 'Eat right for your blood type Rho- ?
Do they have the setting sun by osamu dazai?
What time does the cafe shut please?
Do you have a lost property office? How can I contact it?
HAVE you got The Man Who Changed The Word -The story of John Law for pre-order?
Can I find in this library the book in russian language, "Unnatural causes" Richard Shepherd and "
Hello . I'm looking for a books called E mith revised and 7 habits of highly effective People after Stephen R Covey in Russian language. Can I find this book on your shop?
Please, check Waterstone website for books they carry and order online if you can't visit. Remember this is not the platform where the store personnel answers to questions
Do you have books in braile? If so, in which genres and what reading level?
Hi. Is there a reserve list for the Gary Barlow signing on Wednesday 3rd October 2018? If so, please could I be added to the list. I appreciate this may be a ver long waiting list!! Many thanks Marcia
Why do you not answer the phone?
May I kindly ask where Russian bookshop moved to please?
Hallo, have you got Shadowhunter`s codex hardcover?
Do you stock Nelson by Arthur Bryant
do you have copies of the swedish textbook "Nyborjarsvenska" and its companion Ovningsbok by Goransson and Lindholm+
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