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Enya Daisy 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Absolutely shocked at the way they treated my partner on Saturday. He came in really bad chronic pains being sick really dizzy and was not well at all. The lady at the desk was so rude made him feel uncomfortable and then he finally was …

V. Pehota 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

I want to thank and express my deepest respect to all the staff of the Maternity unit, especially the midwives. They supported and helped us throughout the birth process, helped and taught us how to handle a child, taught us how to feed our baby. I can’t express in words how much I appreciate you, thank you very much. Thank you NHS!!!

What you gonna fucking do?! 7 months ago on Google
( 4 out of 5 )

Tina, the streaming nurse in UTC, needs to learn some politeness and manners, I get that she’s busy, everyone in the NHS is, nobody else was so rude. Made me and my elderly mother feel like we were there just to p*** her off! Not just rude to us but to every patient. Sarcasm isn’t a good fit for a nurse!

Watford General Hospital FAQs

Blood clinic timings

Watford Mon-Fri 07.30-16.30 but need to be there at 16.00 to collect ticket Hemel Mon-Fri 08.30 - 16.30 (new Marnham wing clinic is lovely) St Albans Mon-Fri 08.30-16.00 Special arrangements for Haematology and anticoagulation, paediatrics over 5 and GTT. Very friendly and helpful team Look on the website under Pathology

Do you have dialysis in Watford General Hospital?
What times is the blood clinic open
I have a day parking pass, but I have to stay overnight to a hospital , the ticket expire at mind night what do I have to do Please
How can I make a dental appointment for a check up
Where is Oxhey ward situated
show map where ultrasound department is please
I have x Ray appointment at 3.40 pm need a blood test before that what time should I be there
How long should I allow to wait for blood test
What is the working hours for endoscopy department?
What is the name of the building where the casino ward is
Do I need to make an appointment for a blood test
Is there helicopter landing
Is car parking still free of charge in Watford General?
What's the wait time approximately to actually see a doctor or technician?
Were is Langley and what is the specialalty of the ward
What is opening hours on fridays
What time does the drive thru testing for covid for patients open.?
Which ward deals with blood transfusions?
How get a job?
Another visit on the 6th of this month, another amazing team from A&E to transfer to AAU yellow ward great team lot of respect for her condition and let her to be able to rest without intrusion, thank you for caring for her till the end.
Do you have a cardiology centre there
Wat time does pharmacy close?
Does blood clinic accept patints tomorrow ?
where is the MRI scanning dept?
Is there is work doctor tukel.... Cardiologist surgeon plsss give reply to me
I would like to know if this hospital has a great maternity care?
What time does the blood tests closes
Is the Reception Desk still open for hearing aid batteries
Please how long will it take me from University of Hertfordshire to to the hospital?
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