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Ali Harmes 4 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Hi, a massive shout out to all the amazing caring, staff at Wexham Park A&E department. Apologies I do not know the names of everyone, but Dr Rebecca Salmon & Nurse Julia were two I did find out. Thank you for your wonderful care last …

Melanie Sutherland 4 months ago on Google
( 4 out of 5 )

Everyone from ghe paramedics, nurse and doctor were absolutely lovely to my mum. She had a bit of a wait but that is to be expected on a Friday night! Despite how busy it was, they were very thorough.

varsha Visavadia 4 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Came to A&E after the paramedics advised that I needed an ex-ray. Went in at 8.45 pm after having a fall on the stairs and couldn’t walk or put any weight on my foot. …

Wexham Park Hospital FAQs

Do you know if you like knitted items for the prem and baby units.

I think they would really appreciate them. When my little one was in SCBU it was an amazing help having stuff to fit him and also to keep him warm.

Is there parking for motorbikes here? If so, is it free?
Why is Mssu not answering the phone, we are trying to get an update on our 86 year old mother with dementia, my sister has been calling since 8pm and it just rings and rings, my niece tried and it cut off after 2 minutes of ringing. Appalling!!
Are you allowed to visit people there yet ?
Does the hospital accept flower deliveries for patients
Hi there, is there an emergency dentist in the A&E department?
What times is the blood test unit open
How long can you go to the x ray before the date runs out
Where is a& e
Where is Ward 4
What time is the visitation and how many people can go in at one time
My father has a toilet seat with frame that he was given when discharged recently from Wexham. Do we return it to the hospital?
My husband passed away last month and I have 2 wooden walking sticks he got from the hospital. Do I have to return them
How is the maternity department? I am at my first pregnancy looking to choose the hospital...
Can I get a blood test done on a weekend off
If i want a appointment with them for a scan do I have to go to the GP first or can I just call the hospital?
Good resteraunts near by?
Motorbike parking it's available?
If I send a patient a GWS card, will they receive it?
Hi can make apoitment for surgery a abaut my stameck check
Can you get a Deceased scran here?
Show on hospital map Where Plastic surgery department.
(Translated by Google) Receipt Title: Company *** (Original) ????? ????: ???? ***
Is ward 10 near the car park
(Translated by Google) Idiots work here, avoid this hospital with laughter in the room, very irresponsible staff (Original) Debile tutaj pracuj? omija? ten zasywialy szpital ?miech na sali bardzo nie odpowiedzialna obs?uga
Is wexham park children's ward accepting donated toy's
(Translated by Google) Contact with the hospital in Polish (Original) Kontakt ze szpitalem w jezyku polskim
Hii I want clinical coder trainee can any one explain me briefly and what is the process and where I have to apply and they will pay u as trainee? Plz explain me anyone Thankyou
Is there anywhere on site where relatives can heat a home cooked meal in a microwave for a patient? Is there a fridge anywhere to leave things for them? I dare say this would be helpful for many. My relative is on ward 5. Thank you.
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:58 am

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