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Jul 19, 2023 | 9 comments

McDonald’s Complaint UK

A complaint about McDonald’s service or products can be raise by contacting their customer services team using the email or phone number above. They can also fill out an online form on their website:

McDonald’s Complaint Contact Number

The phone number for McDonald’s complaint contact is the same as the head office phone number: 0370 524 4622. You can also use this number to provide feedback or ask questions about McDonald’s.

McDonald’s Complaint online:

McDonald’s UK Number

If your client wants to find out more about McDonald’s in the UK, such as their menu, offers, locations, careers, and more, they can visit their website: They can also download their app on their smartphone or tablet to order online, collect rewards, and access exclusive deals.

Phone Number List of McDonald’s Stores in UK

McDonald's stores in the UK

Taking a closer look, one can easily notice the growth in McDonald’s presence since 2017. A short trip down memory lane reveals that they boasted 1270 stores at that time. Fast forward six years to our current year, 2023, and it’s quite reasonable to suppose they’ve added a conservative estimate of 40 stores to their already impressive tally.



  1. An injury that occurred at your Festival Park store on 24th July and appaling first aid given.
    our refrence number is 3325894 and have been waiting for a response to an email sent 2nd and 14th August regarding this injury… a £10 gift voucher is not want we wanted, it was an assurance that there are proper first aid processes in place in your restaurants.

  2. I must complain about your your Pool macdonalds in Redruth cornwall as I’m fed up .telling me to wait in carpark which I don’t mind but then when we got home yesterday we didn’t have any apple pies I ordered 6 and spent almost £40 we were all so disappointed I did ring and complained they said can I go there again I said no she apologised but that’s not good enough and they asked what sauces we wanted they didn’t put any in there always forgetting things we are fed up I think we are stopping going can’t cope with it disgusted .

  3. Also I used to have it delivered but we had to stop as last time we didn’t get any food driver said he couldn’t find us I know we not on sat nav it says we across road Terrace but it’s not difficult to find I had so much trouble getting my money back had to contact my bank they got it back for me the drivers don’t speak much English there very polite .

  4. I live in warrington cheshire the local macdonalds are constantly under filling the large drinks cups so. The diet coke is 90% of the time under the 0.5 mark and there is ice in too. Also they 70% give you the wrong drink. so in ordering a diet coke I often get coke max or coke even in this time when asking about allergies and things gone wrong due to incorrect orders in the food industries. Please can you make steps to rectify this. I will be going trading standards as under filling drinks means your falsely advertising and incorrect orders also will pose a problem for you in the future if it hasn’t already in the past

  5. I wish you make a formal complaint about the quality of food in Mc Donald’s in foyleside Northern Ireland

  6. Ordered through the my McDonald’s app on the 31/12/2023 understangly with it being new years I knew would be extremely busy but was happy to wait. Waited and waited for over an hour for the order to be cancelled . I’d also used some of the McDonald’s points aswell in which they wasn’t returned. I’m very reluctant to ordering from McDonald’s again through th app.(Oswestry site)

  7. I’m in the store in station street, Burton. The toilet bins are overflowing. I’ve just watched the young lady on the wrapping station touch food with her hands. She has a bottle of lucazade on her table. I’ve not seen anyone go and wash their hands once in the 20 minutes I’ve sat here. I’ve seen plenty of leaning, head scratching, face touching and standing around. Can I suggest a crew retrain? I’ve worked in a McDs , I’m sure this isn’t how things should be done

  8. Hello – Just been in the Drive Thru at Robroyston retail lark in Glasgow and the security seem more interested in playing games in their phones that actually doing any security work, very unprofessional stood at the door not even acknowledging customers. It just sets a bad tone when entering, also …. why are you paying a private company for a service and the person has no interest in doing work he / she has been epooyed for?

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