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Ashford Borough council (Housing Association) FAQs

Hi my bins were not emptied today I'm at bybrook road. It's a normall day so we're they forgotten?

Mine either...

You have over this past week erected low fencing of sort on edge of road in Clockhouse. Why was this pointless task undertaken using tax payers money. If by any chance it is to stop people parking on the grass area, your efforts have failed.
How do I get the phone number of someone who lives in Ashford and whose address I have?
Have put more than one report for a repair of which i have copies or, is it standard practice to ignore now?
What department is responsible for cleaning roadside drains??
Who to complain to about potholes in carpark at singleton lake
Sky will have to access our communal areal. Who do I ask for this permission?
How do I get Replacement waste bins ?
What are the council times that allow you to have a bomb fire in garden
What can i do about very very agressive dogs that make our morning walk a nightmare, we have a road in our village that is blighted by 4 homes with aggressive dogs that if the gates wore not there our lives would be in danger. please help
When are the dustbin being collection at TN24 8UW
Can people park across your drive
Please can something be done about the number of cars parked on the pavements in Crownfield Road and Maypits? Yesterday early evening, I counted 11 cars parked thus. An elderly gentlemen on a mobility scooter had to drive down the middle of these rds
to ABC we need to extend our drop kerb, who do we need to contact for this please?
When will the refuse collections delayed by the snow catch up?
How can I check who is a owner at particular property.
Please do something about all the broken glass along the pathways and cycle routes. I've had 4 punctures this week.
Cycle path/footpath under railway parallel with river,links car park D International side to domestic side.?cycle route 18? Lighting is non existent with nearly all not working. Hazardous and an invite to crime as virtually dark at night,please visit
Who do I speak to when reporting street lights not working.?
What plastic can/ and can't be recycled in household waste, eg bread wrappers
Bin collection at finberry over Christmas?
The skatepark needs the half pipe back because that was the heart of the skatepark where people learnt new tricks and now people arent riding and doing bad things BRING BACK THE SKATEPARK!!
Our money from the taxpayers money managed by this council is not enough to maintain a decent service to the public? I personally pay a lot of tax to this council. Has anyone there ever needed to use the public toilet in the town center? A shame!!
Please is there restriction on area in Ashford we can have supported living ( people with learning Difficulty or Mental health.? e;g new built area.
What bin do I put old wheel trims in?
I have a lot of used batteries, how do I dispose of them?
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