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Robert Camp 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Awful. Phone directory between each department is a joke. I’ve been awaiting surgery on a growing lump on my lip for a year now. My gp refereed me to broomfield maxi facial clinic for surgery. They called me about 6 months ago to Warangal …

lucy anne 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

This hospital is lovely, the facilities for children is just unmatched. We had a long drive to this hospital to see a specialist in the childrens burns unit and it was well worth the drive to get her seen by such lovely, knowledgable, …

James Turone 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Doctor lacked any compassion. I cannot understand why you would become a medical professional if you dislike people so much. I hope she sees this and knows I’m referring to her, so next time she’s sees us, she knows i was fully conscious of how she acted towards my wife.

Broomfield Hospital FAQs

What are visiting times

They are different depending on department

Whats the nearest train station??
What is finger therapy's I cut my finger is not healing properly
can you help me
I wish to contact the audio dept.,how can I do this?
Can I go with my husband to be A&E taken by ambulance
Think it not nice hosptial go to staff not kind to parient
Can I stay overnight with my partner
Is there a cancer unit there ?
Are the ultrasound departments run by private companies at Broomfield?
how do i get to room a 201
What are the visiting times on amu Ward.
Where is the Surgical Dame Day Care reception
Is the hospital open on day of queens funeral for daytime procedures
Was my wife admitted last night? I had a phone message from her care home at 1,15. Vera Gildersleeves
What are the visiting hours for John Ray Ward ?
Need to know the street where Bloomfield hospital is please
What street is the hospital in please
What time is the pharmacy open until please
Looking for help. Can anyone tell me how to get over Dr Shelby Webster. Waiting on blood test form and scan appointment. This was 4 wks ago.does it usually take this long or have I been forgotten
Can you just do walk in blood test at Broomfield hospital
Can i visit my husband post op in Raine Ward
Can i attend an appointment with my elderly mother.
Have you got the gastroenterologist consultant there?
what ward is janice laraine stephenson in ,shes my mum and had a mini stroke i just want to know how she is one will answer the phone
my mother has just had a mini stroke and taken my ambulance to broomfield ,i think a&e but i keep phoning but no one knows anything....i just want to know how she is....her name is janice laraine stephenson or loraine
Where is the Geriatric medicine dept
Where is outpatients department for assessment for spinal injection, what zone is it in.
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