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Cambridge Water, 90 Fulbourn Road Cambridge CB1 9JN

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C.K. Lee 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

My house has no water at night to check if there is a p …

Christopher Bingham 9 months ago on Google
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Josh 9 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

quick to answer very helpful

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Does Cambridgw Water ever actually answer the phone out of office hours? I have no water and have been on hold to this company for so long - just going round in circles. Shockingly bad...

Cambridge Water have between utterly rubbish since being taken over by Staffs Water in 2016. The once exemplary level of service has been replaced by sheer ineptitude and inadequacy that frankly, beggars belief. You have my deepest sympathy, not only in your current water-less predicament, but of having to deal with this shoddy company in trying to remedy your situation. My advice: email, tweet, FB to them and anyone else you can to name and shame them for their shockingly poor service. Good luck!

Cambridge water sucks big time. They put the wrong meter reading down a year ago, and sent my dad two bills for nearly 500 quid each. Clearly wrong. Dad (97) is now afraid to flush the toilette and is using rainwater to wash his dishes.
Do you let customers know if you are going to flush pipes with chlorine or use higher levels than normal? Lots of people in my village are complaining of the horrible water smell and taste over the last month.
My husband suffers from IBS, I have been told that there may be discounts available for sufferers of this condition. Is that so?
I have now been on hold for 50 mins and have not even got through to the operator to be transfered to somebody that ISN'T available. What a joke!!
Why is it that since the new and better system has been up and running. Im finding it impossible to get through to Cambridge water simply to pay a monthly installment. I have been on hold for 30 minutes and still holding. What is going on??
A letter dated 29th November fromCambridge Water concerning data. Is this genuine or a scam? Look forward to hearing from you. Penfold
Is Long Road still closed
Cloudy water? Is anyone experiencing this?
How much do Cambridge water charge per cubic metre
Hi I have been asked by a client to look at re siting a manhole cover so that they can extend their property. The address is 32 Queensway ... can you help and advise what I need to do
What is the normal water main pressure CB1 2PR
What is assure
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