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Now that Southern Water and yourselves are merged are we going to be billed over 10 months or 12 months in 2018? Mrs C Delves

Hi Christine, Thanks for getting in touch! The answer really depends on whether or not you're on a meter. If your property is not on a meter, then we bill once a year for the full 12 months. If you do have a meter, we will bill every six months. If your question relates more to your payment plan, I'm pleased to say you can choose a 10 or 12 month plan. I hope that answers all of your questions, but please do feel free to give us a call on 0333 000 0001 if there's anything else we can help you with. Many thanks, Laura

how do i tell south east water they have a possible osv leak in the road at gu12 6qu location
Is there a problem with water pressure in herne bay ct6 area
I am still without a water supply. when do yyou expect to have your burst repaired, Am I likely to receive bottled supplies of water,
Hi I am trying to find out what the disruption to water supply is in our area? We have no water. The email received from you doesn't say what the issue is and was only received an hour ago!?
Will there be a hosepipe ban this summer, wouldn't surprise me at all,to many greedy shareholders and not enough brains
Does SE water use fluoride
Can you advise me how to apply for a new water supply for my house please Thank you Martin Selby
What's happening to the water pressure
what is the average household water usage
hi a enginer is calling today will he be here between 1pm-5pm ? me150ht
We are led to believe we have no water because of power failure to the pumps required to serve our network. WHY THE HELL HAVE YOU NOT GOT A GENERATOR ???
Is it possible to get a riser for the chamber tube in which the stop cock for my water supply is. I've laid a patio over where the stopcock is and need to raise the level of the chamber???? The cover measures 180mm in dia. Thanks
To register online I need a Customer Number which does not appear on my last bill. How do I get one?
Our water tastes of TCP especially in hot drinks. We have tried replacing the kettle to no effect. Our postcode BN25 1BG. Has the water Board increased the dosage of chlorine recently. Do you have any suggestions. Please advise. Thank you Clive
What is the DH of mains water inArdingly?
We are on the list to be notified of local problems to our water supply . This has worked reasonably well that at some point we are told that there is a problem and we would have no supply for a while . This evening we have no supply nor advice.
Is there any financial help that South East Water company offer if you are in receipt of benefits and struggling to pay your monthly water/sewage bill. We are claiming ESA jointly support group & my husband claims PIP.
How many times have CCC turned down planning applications to build a reservoir at Sturry/Broadoak
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