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Cardiff Probate Registry of Wales FAQs

Hello Its been 5 weeks since you received the probate application. I'm trying to track progress but it has been impossible to get through on the telephone. Please provide me with an email address of someone I can possibly liaise with about this?

Hang in there, mine took 12 weeks to come back and it was impossible to get any information during that time.

how do I apply for a duplicate probate certificate plese
I am the executor to an estate with probate granted. I wish to alter the donations detailed in the will, currently to various animal charities. I wish to change those donations to human charities. Is this possible and what forms are applicable?
Do you actually have anyone answering the phones?
Can I see my uncles will on line
How do I check how my probate application is progressing
Can I take the oath at the Probate Office and do I need an appointment
I have repeatedly tried to telephone you - the extension 4373 cannot be reached and is not taking messages. The Inheritance tax office e mailed you IHT 421 on the 9th May - It is now the 17th May and notjing from you.
ive been trying to ring but being told this extension isnt taking calls what else can i do? is there another number?
I sent my application for Probate to you on the 7/2/19 and IHT421 on 25/3/19. I have had no response to phone calls or emails since then (now 25/5/19) Your lack of service is costing my family money (empty house Council tax/rental fees). RESPOND
How do I get to speak to a human being? You cashed my cheque on March 20th and I have heard nothing since. Please advise how I can find out current situation. Thank you
How do I get a copy of a Will. What info. do you need. Do I need a probate file number and where do I get it from. (not available from exor.)
It is really this bad to get hold on anyone from the probate office. so far my paper have been to Newcastle Oxford and now Cardiff like everyone else I can't get through on the phone. What is going on
My probate application was sent in over 5 months ago and my solicitor has yet to receive any correspondence , you can't talk to anyone or get a reply to emails or letters, it's disgraceful...yet the fee has been cashed. Outrageous.
Why do you bother to publish a telephone number and/or email address? You don't appear to respomd to either! It's a disgrace.
Hello can you give me the wording for a statement of truth on an executors oath please?
Can you please tell me if you are the probate court that now covers barnstable in Devon. I f it's not you, please advise which probable court covers that area. Thanks you
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