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Chris Batchelor 8 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

On the first appointment I waited the maximum to receive the bare minimum.

Unfortunately upon the second appointment my approach to Audiology was countered …

Sophia kennedy 8 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

ENT Pre COVID longer than 6 month wait for an appointment and a 2.5 hour wait to be seen. Endoscopy if you are lucky, no other equipment. They want you in and out as quick as possible so a referral to another department is a great get out …

judi aylett 8 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Completely wonderful staff.
Car park should be pay on exit – visiting is stressful enough without worrying how long you need. …

Charing Cross Hospital FAQs

what time are visiting hours

Visiting times 2pm to 8pm

What time is visiting hours for the SAY ward..?
What time is visiting for Ward North 7?
What time are visiting hours for paliative ward?
What time is visiting times
Does it still have the drug recovery anex
Is there a 'breast unit' here on the 1st floor?
Can't find hospital number but have my nhs number does this help me?
Is it a nhs hospital
what is the best telephone number to contact my son curran matthews. he is in the mental health unit/
Hello i want to visit a friend but don't know which ward he is on.
(Translated by Google) How can I contact the hospital for treatment? I have a condition that requires urgent treatment (Original) ??? ?????? ??????? ?? ???????? ?????? ?? ??? ???? ????? ?????? ??????
Can I bring a partner with me for an outpatient appointment
(Translated by Google) How to contact the hospital here in Brazil? (Original) Como entrar em contato com o hospital daqui do Brasil?
What is the neuro-surgery ward on the 11 th floor called?
Does Charing Cross Hospiyal have parking places for disabled people
I want to ask a question do you have a patient of the name Dre wall in your hospital l am he girlfriend he said he was in the Hammersmith hospital but didn't tell me the name .
How do you find out where a patient might be in the hospital if you have no details other than name and date of birth?
Painful toothache emergency
I recently had a SPECT CT scan, and was wondering if I could get a copy? How much would it cost?
What Is phone number of riverside ward Charing cross hospital
Is there disable parking
How do I book a visiting session for the near surgery ward (11th floor)
(Translated by Google) Is there an Arabic support team? (Original) ?? ???? ???? ??? ????
At what time is closed ex Ray department
What floor is ward 7 North on ?
(Translated by Google) Where in the hospital is CT MRI (Original) Gdzie w szpitalu znajduje si? CT REZONANS
Any vacancy at nursery assistant teacher?
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