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Brian Shapley 9 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Very helpful response to a telephoned enquiry

Janis Teggin 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Never answer phone,have rang everyday but no one answered

Fire Mixtape 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Was on the phone waiting kept be cut off by the staff extremely unprofessional thats basically they job to answer the phone and receive enquiries they literally dont pick up and cut the call waited on hold for 25 mins

Court of Protection FAQs

Why have a phone number to ring if it just rings for 25 minutes, then cuts you off?

Exactly. We have tried dead on 9am, and lastly at 5pm and various times in between. The number just rings, and eventually cuts off. There is no one to answer the phone. Considering they are a court, their lies and service is irresponsible and disgusting. I will be writing to my MP who I will insist on investigating this problem.

Does having court of protection deputyship over property and financial affairs mean that you are automatically next of kin for welfare if another sibling is already appointed as next of kin? Thank you.
Having power of attorney for both health and welfare and financial affairs and probate i was gifted a money from the donor who was deemed to have the mental capacity to do this and witnessed by a independent person do i need to contact The court
I am a court Deputy. What do I do when my client dies?
Where is the nearest tube or overland to the court
I am an attorney under an old style enduring power of attorney which has already been registered with the Court. Does the Court often agree to applications to convert an EPA to a Lasting Power of Attorney with right to a successor?
Are you able to pay the fee by any other method than writing a cheque.
I need help to fill forms for the deputyship application. Do I need to make an appointment with someome one at the court of protection?
Hi, I have a son who has severe learning difficulties. I opened and managed a junior ISA savings account for him a few years ago and he turned 18 last week. Can I transfer his savings into a bank account?
how does one get a form 200
How long will it take for an application for a Deputyship take to be processed
opening hours of the court of protection please?
Which application form do I need to use to apply for my husband's stockbrokers to still invest etc as he is a discretionary client. They have told me to apply to the Court of Protection as the Lasting Power of Attorney I have does not cover this.
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