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Dormeo UK, Impact House Greatbridge Road Romsey SO51 0AD

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Carol Baker 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

The Dormeo topper is absolutely fabulous. First time for years that I have woken up rested and with no pain. I keep thinking if the topper is this good, a whole Dormeo mattress must be fantastic. …

Michelle Mannell 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

From purchasing the mattress to delivery was all very quick and efficient. I have had many nights of comfortable sleep, waking up very refreshed. My aches and pains have improved since using the new mattress. I do wish that I knew about memory foam mattresses before now.

Pam Charles charo 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

I ordered an Octosmart mattress topper and received it much quicker than the anticipated length of time, in fact in just a week. I was so happy with my purchase within two weeks I had ordered another one for the other bed in our household …

Dormeo FAQs

I ordered a mattress on the 5 January, took my payment on the 6 January. now the 17 jan, and had no contact. have sent emails with no response, how do i cancel and get a refund

Ring them up mate. They take far too long to reply to emails.

Do you take to old mattress away and what is the charge for this
Do you deliver to france free
Order No RS04634 - Why have we had two separate packages delivered? Also, I have just had an email from a company named Rhenus Home Delivery Who are saying that they have contacted us a (which they haven't) Are they genuine?
hi I placed an order and want to know if there is a tracking for it ?
Where is the factory
Do you stock matress toppers
do you take the old mattress away please ?
Can i use bed linen with the dormeo matress ?
Can you buy the mattress and take it home from the showroom or do you have to have it delivered?
How long is it before the smell goes? it's driving me mad and is making my bedding smell (i've had it 3 weeks now)
Have just received our new dormeo mattress. Do you have to leave it for 24hours or can you you use it straight away?
Does the Dormeo Octospring Mattress Topper have a strong smell when it's opened/ Does it contain toxic materials? Where is it made?
Do they make the mattress in small double 4 foot
Can you pay monthly on the mattresses
My story may help sell more beds. Its pretty good ??
do you mak a three quarter size mattress.
Can you use this mattress on a just- o -matic bed please??
When can I expect my two pillows order three ago yours D R Tonks
where are my pillows?? order L2515168
what sizes are your roll-up mattress
Do you do mattress in 750 x 2000 please. and are they suitable for adjustable beds Thank you Selma
Do you cater for single beds?
My Dormeo is not wide enough even though I have double bed it is slightly wider then the normal double, but I didn't realise until I unpack the mattress 135* 190. unfortunately they don't do an extra width. so now I have a gap down one side.
Hello, I have talked to you before about returning the mattress. Do I have to use a carrier or can I deliver it myself? Chris
Can you still use electric under blanket with Dormeo mattress
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:59 am

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