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Kings Drive Eastbourne East Sussex BN21 2UD

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Ann elizabeth Willis 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Needed to have Radiotherapy started on 24 Feb all of the staff through out the unit was so lovely,caring, professional, I was really so Anxious, nervous, they were all so Brillant, I can’t thank them enough.

Graham Butcher 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Just home from Eastbourne hospital east eden ward, stroke unit. All the staff were great, kind and understanding, I am very greatful for the care I got on a very busy ward. They have my love and respect for their constant attention to me as a patient, long hours and not enough reward. I shall always be grateful.

barry grant 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Went to an appointment in urology came out .I have an illostomy and my bag burst covered in waste tried to get help but no body would help went to stomer department nobody would help went to out patients and still no help all they said was did I have n appointment.I had to sit on a seat and wait for my lift appsolutly discusting

Eastbourne District General Hospital FAQs

Why does no one answer the hospital switchboard phone. Been half an hour an still no answer. This is a regular thing.even before covid. The last six months of calling in they have answered once an that was a Sunday afternoon. So frustrating. tryi

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What are visiting times
My wife has tried ringing the hospital for 2 days, no one is answering the phone, she wants to check on her dad, just wants an update, why are they answering the phone?
How can I get through to EGeneral?,IV a very sick husband in UCI but I can,t get through to the hospital to find out how he is ! Anyone else having same prob ??
What is Mitchell wards function.
Does any one have the phone number for the amu ward plz
What are the wards
Are you closed
What time is the general checkin open
Why are your staff so useless and rude, you have zero respect for anyone with a dissability
Anyone know the payroll email for Eastbourne district general hospital
I have been trying to get through to Post Room at EGH for over 3 hours and nobody is answering, why is that?
Is the Switchboard 24 hr
I attended the EDGH yesterday, 11/04/22 and was referred to the physio department. Along with a walking stick and the promise of a higher toilet seat I was offered a commode which I was silly enough to turn down. I would now like one please.
Is there a restaurant in the hospital?
Are they allowing flower delivery to the patient?
Where is Area E at DGH
I understand that without informing eye patients DGH Eastbourne eye department have moved to somewhere very inconvenient to get to. Very inconsiderate. Does that mean no eye clinics at Eastbourne ever again?
How much does it cost for bed side TV in Eastbourne hospital
Which vaccine is being offered here?
Will the cafe be open this Friday 4-7pm as we have a wait between those time before a procedure? During Lockdown there is nowhere to go and home is too far.
What is the direct line number to Cardiology?
How long does it take to go through the recruitment process?
How do I contact the Friends of the Hospital?
Hello l with like to know l cand applay for a job in this hospital????thank you
What time does the pharmacy shut they was suppose to call when medicine was ready just wanted to know if it will be tomorrow now thanks
Is there a hospice ward at hospital.
Where is occ health at Eastbourne hospital
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