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Zeina 9 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

So much is done on so little, go guys

Rittz Clothing 9 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

They really helped a lot, thank you

Mira 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Closed on saturdays and sundays?? Very poor 🙁

Exeter City Council FAQs

Many people in the Exwick & Redhills area were disturbed by loud bangs due to fireworks in the early evening of new years eve i.e. before the legally valid time of 11pm. Does the Council have an enforcement policy ?

I find it EXTREMELY DISTURBING that your question has NO OFFICIAL RESPONSE for a year. I only clicked on it because there was a similar incendiary event THIS WEEK,and wondered if anybody in ECC was already dealing with it. I didn't think so. (editted this 8months after posting to see if anybody from exeter city council even looks at this....no.) The sooner they HAVE to open the official WALK IN CENTRE the earlier I MIGHT give them their money this year but ONLY after they resolve every issue that they have CHOSEN to ignore for the last year.

We reported some graffiti on our section of the Roman Wall, and are informed that it cannot be cleaned off because of safety issues. We would like further information as to why this should be, so would appreciate a personal contact to discuss it.
How do i complain about a neighbour
Anyone know if the garden waste bins being emptied this week?
I will visit Exeter for August, staying at Printworks. Will car parking be a problem. Nearest car parks are Belmont Road and Triangle. Daily cost appears to be GBP 11, can this be paid by credit card and is overnight safe? Thanks, Mike
I paid for a brown bin on 01/10/2020, and they said I would have it in 10 days I still have not received one, when is it likely to be delivered as I have plenty of foliage waiting to go in it Thank You
Can i put plastics marked "not yet recycled' in the green recycling bin?
who do i contact to see if my wife would be entitled to a stair lift
Which bin is collected for Ex4 3Du
Rubbish collection times for St Leonards Exeter
I've been on the phone to Exeter council regarding leaving a black bag at the tip. I've been on the phone to various council numbers and no reply for a total of over 2 hours since 10:00 this morning. Is it the Christmas party? Can I just take it?
Hi, I need to get rid of a 3 piece suite. How much do you charge to remove it? And how much notice do you need? Thank you
Can i apply for housing benefit and council tax as my partner is paying it and i want to make sure I still have a place to Live as he is termanly ill with bone cancer can anyone answer question for me hope to have a reply soon many thanks chris
What's with the excuses of ECC? Waste and Environmental health. There's never any Management available? No supervisors? No one calls you back? All in training, the receptionist are like recorded messages, Go online? So why are we paying you?
Please can you explain the reasoning behind the proposals to remove the statue of the war hero General Buller.
Why has our council tax come out nearly 2 weeks early
Is the pedestrian bridge from Quay car park to South Street in Exeter open?
Are collection of rubbish altered at christmas
Why would u let a bar in a new hotel be called Colsons bar surely the Slavery n Rascist history of the name would make u say it's not appropriate?
Need email for housing officer for whipton?
Why are council properties being let and not put on the homes pages so people can bid at least 3 properties have been let around here but never advertised 1 lady told me she was just offered it
I am a blue badge holder. I'm travelling to London on Fri evening, staying 2 nights in London. If I park in a blue badge space at St David's station, how long can I stay there for please? Thank you.
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