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Cee DEE 4 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

To wait to be seen while you are in so much pain is worst ever but to be scolded by the receptionist in front of everyone is far worst than ever. Very disrespectful receptionist in the walk in department.! I explained that I heard a nurse …

Barney Arundell 4 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

I went this morning with a raging infection in the right hand side of my face – very painful. The receptions were very kind and sympathetic. I was seen within half an hour the doctor was also sympathetic, friendly and non-judgemental. He …

Justin Peters 4 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

I went to finchley memorial walk in centre. This is not the first time I have been to this particular site, I find the staff and establishment to been extremely good, better than a lot of hospitals we have today. I will travel the 30 …

Finchley Memorial Hospital FAQs

Can I just turn up for a blood test before 8 o'clock

(Translated by Google) No. Only for emergency (Original) No. Only for emergencia

Is the Walk in centre open now,on Sundays?
Is there parking near
Can5 get through on sangix
Is there phisyotherapist
Can I turn up for GP x-ray referral at anytime?
How do I contact the reception at FMH for information?
is there a private patient department at Finchley memorial Hospital. I need appt with Dr Vrapi can't wait for NHS referral.
Can I get an x-ray at Finchley Memorial on a Sat morning
What are the hours of opening for the X-ray department?
How can I get a replacement hearing aid please?
Is there an outbreak of Covid 19 on the ground floor at Finchley Memorial Hospital today11/11/2022 please
Can I come for my hearing aid to replies?
Do they do x-rays there?
When are the visiting times for Finchley memorial hospital?
I am recommended to use your services by 111 to look at my wrist, they said to use your walk in services and wait, is the walk in services available on Sundays and are walk-ins available during all of your opening hours listed? Thank you.
I need to get a copy disk of a back Xray.. What time do I call? or When can I walk in to ask?
Can you park on a Monday in the mic Le of the day when you come for a CT Scan
I have just had a punch biopsy on my nose and need to have the stitches removed next week. No nurse available at my GP Surgery. Can I book a time at the walk in clinic at Finchely?
When can I collect new hearing aid batteries?
Can you tell me where can i found the Chinese dental in East or North Finchley
I suspect that my finger might be dislocated or at least injured for a couple of weeks now. Will they check it out?
Is there an audiology department for hearing aid batteries at fin memorial?
What time does the X-ray department close
Got an eye scan on the 25th . Anyone know what the eye clinic is like .?
Is there physiotherapy services available at Finchley Memorial Hospital?
The doctor told me I do not need a hard copy blood request form as the details are all on line?
(Translated by Google) Hello! May I come to you so that you can look at my back. She hurts me. My English is bad, I know Russian and Romanian. (Original) ????????????! ???? ?? ? ?????? ? ??? ????? ?? ?????????? ????? ???. ??? ???? ?????. ?????????? ??? ????, ???? ??????? ? ????????? ????.
Are you giving the COVID -19 vaccine
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:57 am

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