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LG Electronics U.K. Ltd Velocity 2 Brooklands Drive, Weybridge, KT13 0SL

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for service

Kevin Kang 3 months ago on Google
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Various products are displayed in …

EunJong Son 3 months ago on Google
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LG UK, the heart of Europe. It is a place where not only Korean expatriates but also local British are worki …

LG Electronics FAQs

I have a LG 40UBOOO TV 4K ultra HDI update then play with the set Now got the Demo mode work on tv want watch TVHow do I get the Demo mode to stop workTV is work OK But Demo Mode as well I watch I want just TV on to watch

If you go on settings you can turn off the demo mode

Can I have the email and tel numbers for complaints department please. Absoloutley appalling service.
I have waited 3 days to get a call back from LG in relation to my washing machine. I am told they are too busy to speak to me when I call them.Their after sales service is appalling.A washing machine is NOT a luxury, it is anecessity!
I have an LG NanoCell TV with additional designation 50NNO80 bought in Greece. Is there an English language manual I can get please?
I have a LG fridge it is 20 years old & on the blink, Serial no GR- L206CPQA406KRZH01133 I am lookinf one the same height 175cm width89cm do you still do Anaricac fridg freezers this size. please urgent.Thank you
How do I speak to a Managing Director because customer service seems not to exist 4 calls to arrange a repair on washing machine in warranty keep saying we will ring you back and still waiting absolute disgrace will not commit to a time to call you
I am awaiting delivery of my new LG50UP75006LF LED which is replacing old LG set of the same size . Looking on the internet I have discovered the base is not the same .What is the minimum base shelf size required
Hi Does the LG 50 UN81006 LB television have Teletext ?
Hi Im in Ireland and I would liek to register now to activate my free guarantee what do i need to do ?
Can your 2410mAH Li-ion battery be used instead of your 2500mAh in a mobile phone, and what would be the affect.
Hello LG I bought my son a 42" TV and the televsion programmes all have a blue screen is this a common problem they have one in the bedroom which apears to be ging the same way how can this be resovled. I look forward to hearing from your company.
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