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PDSA Veterinary Client Services Prospect House, North Hylton Road Sunderland SR5 3AD

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Whitechapel Way, Telford TF2 9PQ, United Kingdom

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PDSA Pet Insurance, Customer Relations Department, Pinnacle House, A1 Barnet Way, Borehamwood, WD6 2XX

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Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR

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Samantha Parkinson 7 months ago on Google
( 2 out of 5 )

When we lived over Sunderland we used this place for our cats. We had our younger cat nurtured there and we were pleased with the treatment she received. However our older cat lost a toe due to the neglegence of the vets here. They wouldn’t …

Bridget Wilson Hall 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

You may have to wait a while but you can spend the time looking at a wide variety of pets and maybe talking to their owners. Once you are seen, so long as you qualify (ie claim Housing Benefit), you get amazing service.
Best to avoid 1-2pm as lots of staff on their lunch break

Kath Allison 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

I think this place is amazing knowing that ur pet is well looked after they were brilliant with my dog


Hi do I have to mack an appointment

Yes. If you can get through on the phone make an appointment and take proof of housing benefit when you go or ring benefit section at the council and ask them to send confirmation direct to pdsa.

what proof do i need to get free treatment
Is pdsa open tommorow thanks
Dogs back legs not in use, when got up today, ( stroke)?? Any ideas vet is closed today dog not in pain but cannot walk not sure what do ?
Hi I have tried phoning for a repeat prescription, I left a message three times but as yet no reply Gladys is on steroids so I do not want to run out of tablets in case of any problems.
Do you have to pay for a puppies injectoins at pdsa if your on universal credit and how much
How long does it take to get results of a dogs blood test.
I'm on the phone no one is answering my dog keeps taking fits please answer the phone
Does the pdsa have a cremation service my beautiful Angel died yesterday and I want to get her cremated
Does the pdsa cremate birds
How much does it cost to get puppies first injection
How do I register my cat.
Hi I have a 6month old male kitten buy I need him neuted asap,what's the prices and how fast can they book him in and do it??? Many thanks
My dog is drinking excessive amounts of water and is only eating enough to survive. But she has loads of energy, however she is not her self could I bring her to the hospital as I am on ESA and can't afford massive vets bills
Can I ask for a repeat treatment of anti biotics
How do I register a dog ?
When can my dog get his yearly booster as of next week he will be due it
Do they treat African Grey Parrots?
Good afternoon, I am after registering my dog with you how do I go about this please.thank you
I've been waiting on a call from a women called Mel who was dealing with my problem regarding Bubbles who attended Gateshead pdsa that was on Monday
My husky is pregnant and is due at the end of October, does she need to see the vet before? She is healthy.
Are pdsa outsourcing puppy vaccines, or are they doing them again?
How much is it at pdsa or vets4pets for vaccinations for a 4 year old cat
hello can i get a AHC certificate from you and if so what will it cost please
Can you please tell me do you rehome dogs
Do you treat reptiles?
My dog has a very saw looking red lump anyone know what it is i know its not fleas because he got stuff from the vet
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:50 am

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