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Southwick Hill Road, Cosham Portsmouth Hampshire PO6 3LY

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Queen Alexandra Hospital FAQs

What are the pharmacies opening hours please

Accurate as of 4/3/23: Mon-Fri 8.30- 5pm Sat & Sun- 9 - 4pm

What time does blood tests finish
What time is visiting time today ?? Sunday on Ward's
Can you send flowers to cancer wards
What type of ward is d1
Do they have a place to buy and eat food there, and if so what are the opening hours?
What time does the eye clinic open tomorrow morning
What type of ward is g5?
What time visiting on F2 ward
What time are the visiting times on g5
Is there a bus from Portsmouth fast cat to portmouth general hoispital please
My father is due to have day surgery on Tuesday , is there wifi available yo use while i wait for his release after surgery ?
How much is a taxi from the ferry to the hospital.
Is there a bus service from the ferry terminal to the hospital.
Does portsmouth area have any dialysis satelitte units?
In which year did QA hospital trust become a foundation hospital trust?
How do I get to F2?
Is there a taxi phone inside north entrance
Telephone number for respiratory department Portsmouth hospital
Can someone PLEASE provide an email address. I need to find information relating to the recent death of my sister in your hospital. I'm in Australia phoning is not practical. Please help.
Where is hepatology
WHY do the eye department not answer their phone . I need to cancel an appointment have called 11 times today but no answer
where is maxolli-facial surgery department
What is the parking like.
What are the visiting times at this moment?
How do I login to the hospital portal ?
What time can you get covid tested at the drive through
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:58 am

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