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Bee 7 months ago on Google
( 4 out of 5 )

Had a great time despite the circumstances! Was kinda dreading it because of past reviews, but the staff and doctors were lovely, attentive and professional. …

Tanin choudhury 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

This hospital is worst service you will get. The receptionist and other staff are not helpful and rude . Very less doctors in this hospital. Staff are thinks they own this hospital that’s how they thinks. Very Very slow service. They are just wasting government money. It good go somewhere else.

Olga Fasli 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Miss Lorna the nurse from the opthalmology department is very kind and professional and always willing to hear and help you ! She made my day. All the best to her ! ALSO DR ZAHRA ASHENA IS A FANTASTIC OPTHALMOLOGIST AND A SWEETHEART

Queens Hospital (Romford) FAQs

Is the blood test centre open on bank holiday Monday

No not open bank holidays

Blood test department
Can I get mri scan without asking Gp for referral?
Is blood test deperment open on saturdays
What are the visiting hours for Amber Award
what time does radiology open
Visiting times please for sunshine ward
Is the blood test centre open Monday - Friday at the moment?
Can you visit patients in hospital ?
What are the visiting times to visit people in the hospital
Is emergency eye clinic open sundays
I need to registrat for pragnate
Where is the day ward
Children blood test appointments
I have appointment today to have a heart monitor put on . I am 80 and have a hip/ knee replacement. Can some one please tell me where in queens is the cardiologist dept is ? Please.
Wath time is opening blood teking department
Is it necessary to make an appointment for blood test at Queen's hodpital?
how can I find a person from this hospital who helped me. I want to meet her in person and thank her
Will the eye clinic be open on 15/03/23?
I want to have the occupational health phone number in queen hospital please
What actually is the swallows team in care of the elderly
Early pregnancy unit
Whats the opening and closing time for the xray department
Do I have to book an appointment for a blood test
Are there many wheel chairs in the entry to the oncologist department
Do I still need to book an appointment for a blood test?
How many visitors allowed at a time
Who do I need to contact to get a coil removed as I'm being sent left right and centre
ARE queens hospital alowing visitors to there wards
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