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Christopher Harris 8 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Worst mattress I’ve ever slept on, after 2 months my back was out, the mattress had collapsed to a thin pancake and Simba did not want to help at all. The springs inside are rusty thin wire and do not even act as a spring. The 3 foam layers …

Mark H 8 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

An order had been missed, Customer Services rectified this matter with minimum fuss. Would recommend.

Gary Jones 8 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

I have given this a one star based on their service and not the sleep quality. We ordered a mattress and also paid for the old one to be disposed of. The mattress arrived through a third party. They told us that they don’t take the old …

Simba Sleep FAQs

I have slept on my new Simba mattress for two nights and I'm finding it a little uncomfortable, it's too hard does anyone els have this problem?

Took me about 2 months. I now love it

can you advise does Simba use Methylene Chloride or Methylene Dianiline in the manufacturing process? I am currently suffering with respiratory issues and the only variable which seems to cause my condition is my recently acquired Simba mattress!
I have had My mattress for 90 days - It has Dipped and warped and become uneven and is no longer level or flat. I have Mailed Simba 3 Times and tried to contact them in every way possible. - The phone number provided does not work. Please advise
Telephone number for simba please
i am expecting a delivery today in fact i took a day off work. i have had no tracking number or text sent to my mobile or to my email. my order number is UK77 3649. i have been holding on to the phone for twenty minutes now
Has anyone had a Simba for awhile, if so, whats it like ?
Is simba mattress good for back aches?
Does anyone suffer with a hard ridge of foam running down the middle of a king size mattress?
Can you use simba pro with left up bed frame .how heavy is a king size mattress bought 2 month's ago .
can I phone you for information?
Can u use an electric blanket with the simba mattress?
Your Mattress look as if the have some sort of plastic which makes you sweat?
Hi, my mattress is going to be delivered tomorrow but I already told you my new address can you contact your delliver man ASP pls
I have just taken delivery of a Simba mattress and it appears there is no zip on to so I cannot remove the cover. This was a major factor in my buying one. I have tried contacting Simba by WhatsApp chat and email and cannot get any reply.
hi how firm is it can you take away my old mattress
why is your customer service so bad?
do simba have a 90x200 mattress suitable for an adjustable bed?
How do I speak to someone
How do I contact simba
Hi,I want to buy a good mattress as I have developed lower back pain due to perhaps my old orthopaedic mattress and having to sit when working. I have checked a lot reviews about simba mattress but I am still confused Can someone help me?
i bought a new mattress from simba it said i would get 1 free pillow but i did not get it
my weight is 145 kg or this matetac will be ok?
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