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Church Road Birkenhead Merseyside CH42 0LQ

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What is postcode for greenway surgery in St caths please

Greenway Surgery is now St Catherine's Surgery, postcode is Ch42 0LQ

Does a gp need to refer you to get physio
Is work experience available for 15 year olds?
Does anyone have the correct phone number for x-ray dept at st caths, now health centre. According to Google the phone number that I've been given is not the right number
Where has the E consult option gone, can't find it
Does st Catherine,s surgery still syringe wax blocked ears
can I pick up hearing aid batteries
Were about in st caths hospital is the mammogram clinic
where is the security hub located?
Where is the xray department in st caths?
Is there a dietician called helen hackerty stillbworkingvin st caths
How much is it park at st caths
hi can i get an xray in there think ive broken some ribs it mite just be one i dont no but im in so much pain and finding it painfull when i breath in and cough and i cant lay on my side xx
What time does the walk in centre open for X-rays
Can I check what time my dr appointment is on line
What time is blood clinic open
Can I attend St Catherine's hospital at 8am for a blood test without having an appointment?
Does this hospital do walk-in xrays ??
Where are ECG's performed?
I went to st caths for my first viceine the staff was applying
Has st catherins got any vaccine s in
My Pred Forte eye Drop solution has run out halfway through a six-week treatment time scale. How can I obtain more solution, please?
Do they supply rise recliner chairs
Do you supply recliner chairs for mobility patients
can you buy extra insoles
My X partner rang me today & wanted me to ask which days & times the sexual health clinic was open, if an appointment is required, where in building & contact info. Embarrassed to ask I guess.
Is this Dr Poor's surgery please?
do you still blood tests on bank holidays
Can you givee the e mail address as to acquire a repeat prescription please
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:58 am

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