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My name is Michael Edmund Cass. I have an appointment with the hospital on Friday 23 February. I have already been to this appointment so why are they sending me a letter I received today. A different doctor by the name of Mr Saul Rajak.

Brilliant surgeon

I have seen an optician who has diagnosed a cataract and he said that he would contact the eye hospital. When will I here ?
Is the eye clinic open on Saturdays
Are you allowed assistance dogs in the building? Many thanks Abi
Does anyone know of a reliable taxi service that operates nearby?
Can my cataract operation be brought forward from August 20th if there are any cancellations
Can I see a Doctor on a Saturday for an emergency
Where can I park when I go to the eye hospital?
Is the a Lucentis clinic?
How do I get there from haywards heath by public transport.
Can you just walk in
Are you open today?
Is there a specific number you can ring for referrals?
Suwanna Odell saw a doctor at the eye hospital last tuesday who gave her Allergan Fluorometholone eye drops but one eye is now worse and more painful. She's also taking Fexofenadine from her doctor. Should she continue using them?
I am 25 years old ans am exploring possibilities of lens replacement surgery as I have severe myopia which is restricting my ability to drive and read etc. Is this an operation that is done at the hospital?
Can you go here for swelling on eyelid or is it just sight or eye problems. Is it a long wait up there normally. Anyone know quiet times.
Where is the eye department in the sussex hospital plz
Does Brighton eye clinic have a research data base?
Please help me... I need hospital email very necessary
Can I see some one today
Will I need a covid test or wear a mask for my outpatient appointment ?
I do not remember with Mr Edward Hughes, Eye hospital SEH ophthalmology. For an hour on the phone - nobody answered. How can I find out? Nadia
(Translated by Google) I want to email the hospital. It is necessary. I want to send a medical report, but I was unable to do so (Original) ???? ????? ???????? ????? ???? ????? ????? ??? ??? ????? ?? ???
should I be using any eye drops now that my second cataract operation has been completed
should I be using any eye drops now that my second cataract operation has been completed
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