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Connor Drake 8 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Rude staff

Richard Latimer 8 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

answer your phones

Kabir Ahmad 8 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

The best map ever

Uxbridge County Court and Family Court FAQs

Why the admin never answer any phone. I had called them over 20 times last 4 weeks, it goes on automated machine and got disconnected. I emailed them with no reply. How to get an update on my application??Sad to see the way they process my app.

Go in there if your local

Can i swear an oath here?
Can you pay court fees via internet ?
How much is the hearing fee? also can I pay it over the telephone?
I have spent more than 3 hours listening to your phone music. Do you answer calls at all???
How can I get a copy of my degree nici 15th Feb 2001. Urgently.
can i e mail a document that i forgot to included in maintance pending suit
Why does no one ever answer the phone and when u are first some idiot puts the phone down is anyone actually there?????
Will a duty solicitor be on hand to help me at the court
I Have submitted a form and the fee but have not received any contact from the court since November ?
Can suit a case against the employer in Uxbridge County Court?
Can I hand in defence papers here
I have requested a judgement against the defendant in my case. A month ago. As they have failed to submit a defence to my claim.I have tired calling no one answers the phone. I have Emailed, no one response. What do I have to do to get a up date ?
This is a CORRUPT COURT with Court staff working with the banks and District also siding with the he banks to possess or repossess your estates. Be AWARE court staff break all CPR to aid the claimant.
Is there places to park if attending court
How do I find out if my divorce was processed at Uxbridge County Court Brian Perry v. Cynthia Blackwell?
what is your email address please for case GOHW493A
I would like to send an application for a certificate of satisfaction, - To whom should I address it ? - Does it have to be sent by email or by post? - How much is the payment fee?
I was on the phone waiting for over an hour with the machine saying I was number 1 call to then an auto machine said all operators Are busy call back later and hung up.... what the heck!! I waited over an hour, was told number one and you hung up!?
can i get a copy of my divorce papers from 30 yrs ago here
I just need some support help to get back child family law legal advice I just had court final hearing on 16 November judge has decided for my child for adopted I wanted to do appeal against the decision please can u call me on my number is 07
hello I lost my divorce certificate and I need a copy. how can I get thank you
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