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mary nuno 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

If only i could give a score of 0. Currently sitting in a&e and its been over 6 hours nd still not been seen. The place ia filthy and a voile of pee has been sitting on a counter for the last 5 hours without staff even glancing at it. …

Lisette Franco 7 months ago on Google
( 2 out of 5 )

I went there yesterday bc of some weird symptoms I had. The First Lady who help me was super nice. Unfortunately they told me It could be contagious so they left me alone in a room for three hours. When I ask a nurse if a doctor was coming …

nuray tastan 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

I wise I can give 0 rates. I’m 6 weeks pregnant, I went to A&E with heavy bleeding. I waited for an hour to be seen by assessment nurse. He then told me I can wait and I can have a scan to check the baby. …

Whittington Hospital FAQs

Is there accident and emergency

Yes there is.

is there an external hub there where you could have a test for C Virus? my grandson has a cough and temperature. i need however to visit a vulnerable disabled daughter that i have in a home. if he really hasn't got it i can go!!!
Is there parking at the hospital
Special care unit for premature baby's
Is there still a walk in GP at the hospital?
Can you borrow a wheelchair to get to an outpatient clinic when arriving by car after knee surgery
How to change my appointment
hello, I am looking for a job as a volunteer. I arrived from Ukraine in March. I study English. In Ukraine, she worked as a cleaner, educator and graduated from the University of the Faculty of Psychology.
Have they closed this place down yet ?
Is it possible to park?
Is the hospital closed?
Where is physiotherapy at the Whittington?
When is the best time to come for a blood test
Is there parking at the hospital and how much is the payment?
Do we have to get registered on arrival at the hospital
How do I get a list of my appointments for the next 3 months
I wish to contact Dr Beth Carr of the Ambulatory Emergency care department with important information. Ho can I do this by email?
where do i bring my wife to have a baby
where is the entrance for the maternity dept
Hello im pregnant.i did the register in to the GP and Im waitin from you to call me allmost 2 weeks. What abaout my baby and my test? How long i have to wait?
If I came to visit London And I m suffering with stumak pain What to do
What is the waiting time for an operation urology department at 28.2.22 Whittington difficulty in getting information.
do they do PCR for Opperation pass
Who is the doctor who wrote to me in Highgate to get me to go back ...I've asked my GP Dr. Chakraborty
Can one walk in and donate blood without having or taking an appointment?
What is the HIV blood test department phone number
is there a time until when I can come to have a blood test done?
When is visiting hour
Did you ever do checkups on kids in edgware primary school
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