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Charles Hastings Way Worcester Worcestershire WR5 1DD

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Bobby Balfour 9 months ago on Google
( 4 out of 5 )

I was taken in by ambulance around 23rd November with terrible back pain. It was decided it was muscular and I was sent home in a taxi with painkillers. It didn’t improve so I was taken in again a week later. I dare say everybody did their …

Ann Hart 9 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Yesterday I had a very good experience at Kidderminster Treatment Centre. This was planned surgery. All of the staff were friendly and helpful and I was made to feel that i was in experienced and caring hands. It made the time so much easier. Thank you for looking after me so well.

Angela Brosnan 9 months ago on Google
( 4 out of 5 )

Taken into here on Saturday as was camping in Worcester for the weekend.
From start to finish care and attention was very good.
Special mention to:- …

Worcestershire Royal Hospital FAQs

Walk in x Ray open hours

(Translated by Google) 9am to 5pm I fink (Original) 9am to 5pm I fink

How do i get to the sorrel suite
What are the visiting hours please
Guys do you know what the midwife number is ?
What are the visisting times for the patient discharge unit
At what times are members of the public allowed to visit patients?
Is parking still free at the hospital
Where is Rowan suite is it in the main hospital ?
Can you accompany a person who is going To hospital for tests
I had to attend Worcester a and e last night. Staff were very nice, but am so worried about catching COVID. Is it safe to visit the a and e department.?
Can we get some hearing aid batteries
Hi ! Have dental clinic in this hospital ? For an emergency ?
Can I get a sick note from the out of hours at the hospital
Can I go to primary care and get a sick note
Can we walk in for an xray today? what time is best?
do you have a hydrotherapy pool
Does a bus run from St. John's to the hospital if it does what are the times
Who is eye spacelist
Where do I go to take a sample in for the labs?
What is the name of the vascular consultant at royal Worcestet hospital?
any news on outpatients appointments today? due for a minor op, but don't think it will happen
How do I get to radiology from main entrance of hospital
Where Laboratory and Radiology and Endoscopy and Podiatry and Ear, Nose & Throat and Allergy and Internal medicine and pharmacy and Physical therapy and Ambulatory surgery and Adolescent Medicine and Pediatrics and Obstetrics and General surgery.
How long is the wait for a gallbladder removal, I've been waiting for 13 weeks
what time does the pharmacy close
What time do they stop doing surgery as my girlfriend got told nine o'clock this morning and now it's nearly nine at night?
Can someone help do u know what time visiting is on mau ?
How do we get from Worcester Royal Hospital by Bus to Alexandra Hospital, Redditch?
Nephrology department opening times
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