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Jefersson Candido 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

your website was used to rob me, they made 7 transactions for R $ 143.26 and one for R $ 57.49, if someone sees this message and can answer me, thank you

Jovin Security 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

The services is poor, i did a transfer yesterday at 16.08 and today it is 13.41 and it has not shown up in my account. No update and no info. Very very very poor. 13 mins wait and no answr.

Illango Nelson 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Worst money transfer service online, horrible customer service – a guy called Edlester answered and very rude and not very helpful at all. No one should sign-up and fall their adverts. I wouldn’t recommend at all.

WorldRemit FAQs

can I carry out world renit transaction by credit card

Yes definitely

Hello can You. Please check The name and middle name and surname. I write only ROBERTO Osario. Can You correct Surname Roberto Osario Lajom. I SENT JUST A LITTLE WHILE. PLEASE
Can I visit your office
My transaction today 11/09/20 is pending but customer service phone is not getting through either. What do I do?
Do you need to pay to create an account
How long does it take the money the person
Where do I receive money from in UK via World remit??
Can I send money to my partner phone in Afghanistan
How to send money to USA
(Translated by Google) I need to know if in Russia I can withdraw money by Word remit (Original) Nesecito saber si en Rusia puedo sacar dinero por Word remit
where can i find your agent in Boston Lincolnshire is urgent
My post mk429uy which angent is near me
What is the phone number to reach them
Hi, where is your corporate office situated in UK.?
Is there world remit in Stevenage?
Good morning World remit. You withdrew 54,99 euros from my Italian post account. With my ATM Card ending in 1114. Please I want to know why the money was withdrew without Transaction?
Hi good morning, I send money to my sister yesterday and her bank account in philippines was been block or deactivate so I wonder what will happen to my money that I send to her. I tried to called yesterday but nobody's answering my call.
Dear CEO if your system can not take over load money transfer request then why take??? Full of fraudulent, my ID, address, card been used since 5 years, lost over 230k as this was my trading business acc. HjGoing
Hi, is there world remit in Stevenage?
Where are you located please
Dear CEO this is UK not Sumaliland. Your system process is so poor that can't handel with over customers request?
Can I receive money from the UK into my Singapore Bank Account
Hi I sent money yesterday to Ghana the recipient wallet was full so she didn't receive the money, this morning I called to find out if the money is in account,and still is not,so what should I do
What a shame, I send money to my family in Nigerian, and two options came out, money deposit and cash pick up, I selected money deposit to a bank, after the transaction i got notifications that the money is in my receiver account, account is empt
This is serious advice to all over the world, please don't use worldremit at all. They are just rubbish. I have no word to explain how idiots they are. If you want high blood pressure or want to go mad, it's up to you.
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:58 am

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