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Southmoor Road Wythenshawe Manchester M23 9LT

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Demetra Stavrou 7 months ago on Google
( 3 out of 5 )

Just visited the Nightingale unit with my mother, waiting time 45 minutes late! Hence all the scans, tests and X-ray were all delayed. However the nurses were exceptional. One in particular Sonia Clarke. Lovely, kind, patient and respectful …

Liz Morse 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Abby and her amazing team on the surgical orthopaedic ward. They nursed me back to health over and above the “obs” and “meds” and protocols….. As a patient I was hard work for them, in a lot of pain and needing a lot of work through …

Angela Plastow 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Waited nine hours ,with an injured eye , couldn’t see anything , asked two nurses for a drink , none arrived , take me to the toilet , just pointed to we’re it was . Doctor didn’t know how to switch the machine on , eye test without my glasses . We’re was the care ?

Wythenshawe Hospital FAQs

How do blue badge get out of the car park

Never works, should I show the blue badge on entry?

Parking: can I pay by card or do I need change? Also, pay and display or pay when you leave? Ta
Is there parent overnight rooms at withenshaw hospital
Is the hospital in Lancashire or Cheshire? Thanks
What bus do I get from Abbey hey
Are there wheelchairs available on arrival?
Do blue badge pay for parking
What is the whatsapp number?
Where is cardiac day lounge
Which entrance do you use for F1 plastics?
Is there a walk in clinic for non emergencies at Wythenshawe
Where about do I go at wythenshaw hosp for an m r I scan
I have been trying to call the main hospital number all day but it doesn't seem to connect can you provide me with occupation healt and well being number please
Is the x-ray department at wythenshawe hospital open on a Saturday and Sunday?
Are there any hotels or B and B near to the hospital?
Could we BBQ at the parking?
Where is the sexton suite
Does anyone have a direct number for the renal clinic. Every time I go through the switch board they cut me off.
What are the opening hour for the chemist
How much is parking
What brain departments does it have?
If just picking up and not parking do I still need to pay
Where is best place to park I am going to the Mobile unit.
Is the x-ray department open on Saturday and Sunday
Why do Dr Davi,'s facture clinic run late? I had to wait 2hr last time and today already been 1hr. dont know know how long more do I have to wait. Why can't they sort out with patient booking. We have work to do as well and organise everything.
Can u visit covid patients if its family
Can u visit a civid patient if its your family
Is there a lost property at the hospital? Does it have a direct phone number?
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