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Bouchard 547, 9th Floor 1106 Buenos Aires Argentina

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milton oliveira 6 months ago on Google
( 2 out of 5 )

Terribl …

Jairo Spinelli 6 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

I always travel from Latam my favorite company 😀✈️✈️✈️ …

Connie McManus 6 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

The site won’t let me check in. There is no one at the transfer desk. I can’t even buy bad water

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(Translated by Google) What is the service like on the phone? When I call the airport for hours, and after a hundred years of waiting, they just hang up, and that's the same service in Serbia, so they think they're going to be a European airport. (Original) Kakva je usluga na telefonu Kada zovem satima aerodrom a oni posle sto godina cekanja spuste Samo slusalicu, e to je brale usluga u Srbiji tako oni misle da budu evropski aerodrom

(Translated by Google) I agree (Original) Slazem se

(Translated by Google) I am asking for an explanation of what is happening at the baggage claim: today's experience during the day is chaos, waiting for over an hour for the luggage, everything is mixed up, children are crying, people are nervous. They say there are few staff through youth work and that too in the season! Respect passengers! Shame! (Original) Molim za objasnjenje sta se desava na delu preuzimanja prtljaga:danas iskustvo tokom dana-haos, cekanje preko sata na prtljag,sve izmesano, deca placu, ljudi nervozni. Kazu malo osoblja preko omladinske radi i to u sezoni! Postujte putnike! Sramota!
(Translated by Google) What is the connection to the bus station from the airport (Original) Kakva je veza za autobusku stanicu sa aerodroma
(Translated by Google) Is it allowed to bring a stack of cigars? (Original) Jel se smije poneti steka cigara?
Is there a smoking area here?
I am arriving Terminal 1 on an international flight My travel companion is arriving Terminal 2 on an international flight Where is the best place for us to meet? We are not familiar with this airport.
(Translated by Google) When landing at the airport, is the hoverboard that was brought from Germany checked in, I think to pay the customs? Please excuse me. Thank you. (Original) Pri sletanja na aerodrom,dal se prijavljuje hoverboard sto je donesen iz Nemacke,mislim zbog placanja carine?Molim za odvovor.Hvala.
(Translated by Google) Please answer me. Can I transport two hoverboards for my children from Germany, or should I report it separately when landing in Belgrade? (Original) Molim vas da mi odgovorite.Dali mogu da prevezen iz Nema?ke dva hoverboarda za svoju decu,ili treba to da prijavim posebno pri sletanja u Beograd?
(Translated by Google) One-way ticket price Sao Paulo-Victoria in Brazil. (Original) Cena karte u jednom pravcu Sao Paulo-Victorija u Brazilu.
(Translated by Google) Ticket price Belgrade-Sao Paolo (Original) Cena karte Beograd-Sao Paolo
(Translated by Google) Can I send my child to Tilburg only with my mother-in-law? (Original) Da li mogu da posaljem dete u Tilburg samo kod svekrve?
(Translated by Google) Is it possible to bring 300g of shredded vacuum-packed ham with a cheesecloth? (Original) Moze li se vizzerom poneti 300g iseckane vakumirane prsute sa dek?aracijom
(Translated by Google) Does it stay open at night? (Original) Rimane aperto di notte?
What is the opening hours at BEG airport, is it open during COV19 contingency?
(Translated by Google) Hello! From Krasnodar to Paris via Belgrade there is a small connection. Only 45 min. Will we have time? Worried we might miss our Paris flight (Original) ????????????! ?? ?????????? ? ????? ????? ??????? ????????? ????????. ????? 45 ???. ??????? ?????????, ??? ????? ?? ?????? ?? ????????? ????
(Translated by Google) That's why I want to tell you publicly, that before you answer the questions of people who are not informed about some things, first get informed yourself!!!! Don't give people false information, they will pretend to be smart!!! That is my personal experience with you. . (Original) Zato hocu da vam javno kazem,da pre nego sto odgovarate na pitanja ljude koji nisu informisani o nekim stvarima,prvo se informisite vi licno!!!!Ne dajete ljudima lazne informacije,pravece se pametnim!!!To je moje licno iskustvo sa Vama.
(Translated by Google) Stop harassing the people, who have tested negative for covid!!!! (Original) Prestanite da maltretirate narod, koji ima test negativan na covid!!!!
(Translated by Google) I submitted the same test for which I was sent back at the German airport and no one said anything, not even quarantine!!! Shame, sadness, shame!!!! SERBIA IS BLACK ?? (Original) Isti test zbog koga sam vracena sam prilozila na Nemaxkom aerodromu i niko nista rekao nije cak, Oslobodjena karantina!!! Sramota, tuga, bruka!!!! SRBIJO CRNA ??
(Translated by Google) I would like to ask how I can book a ticket for the flight Belgrade - Zagreb for April 9, 2021 by the way Thank you (Original) Piala bi kako mogu rezervirati kartu za let Beograd -Zagreb za 9.4.2021.g meilom Hvala
Hello, where is the Carwiz rent-a-car drop-off point at the airport in Belgrade, please? Will I find it or do I need to know in advance? Thank you. == Dobar dan, molim Vas, gde ima na aerodromu mesto da vratim kola za rent-a-car Carwiz? Hvala.
(Translated by Google) Dear Sir/Madam, we are interested in which email to send a request for a job at your place. We are interested in loading and unloading luggage frequently. Thank you (Original) Postovani interesuje nas na koji meil da posaljemo molbu za posao kod vas Interesuje nas radno esto utovar i istovar prtljaga. Hvala
Is there a parking place for long term? If yes, how much need to pay for three days?
(Translated by Google) Flight to Ljubljana (Original) Let za ljubljanu
(Translated by Google) Any recommendation for the Museum, if you have time, make sure to stop by! (Original) Svaka preporuka za Muzej ,ko ima vremena neka obavezno svrati!
(Translated by Google) Good afternoon. Can I bring from Germany two hoverboards for my children? Do I have to declare it separately or is it allowed. Otherwise it's a gift from my friend. Thanks in advance (Original) Dobar dan.Dal mogu da donesem iz Nema?ke dva hoverboarda za svoju decu?Treba to posebno prijaviti ili je to dozvoljeno.Inace to je poklon od moje drugarice.Hvala unapred
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