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Bernicia Group Limited FAQs

Which weeks do you get rent free

If you move into a newbuild then you dont get none. This is something to do with cheviot homes through Bernicia. If you move into an old property previously owned by northumberland county council then bernicia had to honor the 4 weeks free rent. The 4 weeks I believe are at Christmas time and I think the 1st 2 weeks in April being the new tax year. This could have changed though so feel free to phone them up and ask. But do specify wether its a newbuild or old style council house....

What is band e
Is there a out of hours phone number for bernicia?
I've been in my rented home for about 17 years now and potentially looking to buy from Bernicia,is it correct it's now capped to 9 years where u can have the house price reduced and therefore I lose out on the other 8 years being in same property ?
how much is the rent a month
How do i complain ?
Do you do food bank parcels
Are you entitled to a rent reduction once you retire.
Can you park motor homes on your benica land you rent
What does band E mean
Can you apply for a furniture package through Northumberland council when you move into a Bernicia home.
How many weeks notice to end tenancy
What is band D ? Thankyou
Can you buy your house If it's in a rural area
How many bedrooms is there?
I have being placed in band D - what does this mean please
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