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Two Macion 4 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

sent me a letter stating I owe money for a parking ticket which I had paid at the time and their not interested in me telling them this just keep saying I owe £170 I will not be paying so I sent letter back to their office with NO CONTRACT …

Michael Tremeer 4 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

What a terrible, terrible bunch. This is a joke of a law firm run by complete vultures – considerably worse than the PI ambulance chasers. I genuinely worry for those working here – does anybody last more than a week once they realise what …

Charis McBeth 4 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Set of dirty scammers. Sent me and my partner a letter saying we owed British Gas £119 for “unpaid bills”. Considering our account was set up through direct debit and we had NEVER missed a payment, when asked where the evidence was for this …

BW Legal FAQs

Do not pay them .scam scam scam

The website is as good as useless. How can people set up payments when they cant even get on. Balls it, see you in court.!!!
How are you able to get a county court judgment issued on a debt that is 11 years old? I never knew I had this until I got a letter today saying to me that you are getting a warrant to enter my property on the 27th of December. propper scam artists
What you gonna do take my whippet and rod and reel,do one
I've had a letter saying they are taking me to court what should I do
I have found a Santander cash deposit card with the name s Cartwright on the bk, I can't take it to the bank as baby has chicken pox, old advice
It is funny I don't owe anything to anyone and yet BW Legal have contacted me twice saying there is a personal or business matter although I have no outstanding personal or business matters. I think I smell a rat. Thank you for the above warning.
Anyone actually been taken to. Court by them
just got a ltter from this company claiming we owe 256 pounds to British Gas. British Gas say we owe them nothing. is the company bent? they have all my customer details and AC# from British Gas
I live in Glasgow. I have an unopened letter with the name of someone who doesn't live at my address. I moved in 2 years ago, I was going to phone bw legal to let them know?
Asking for someone else, twice he has asked questions and they have put the phone down on him,so how do you deal with a company who does this
Who are these people are they debt collection agency
How do I pay if don't have bank account
Hi you took money out of my bank account without my permission
Why you dont answer on emails
Does this BW leagal exist or are they a made up scammers
Can I be taken to court over a payday loan?
This place is a house full of fraudulent people of the same origin.Never pay any money to this company if they sent you PCN- sent to me and my brother EON debt letters, we never been with EON- simply report this company.This company should be banned
(Translated by Google) Hello, why are you sending me these fines when I have only been working for a long time on the cars with the numbers. I also paid the fines and I paid them and stopped the delivery. You have money when I worked for the courier company sbl (Original) Salut de ce imi.trimiteti mie.amenzile astea cand eu numai lucrez de mult pe.masinile cu numerile.astea si eu am.platit amenzile si eu leam platit si misa oprit ai.bani cand lucram la firma de curierat sbl
Please can you help me appeal if it is not too late
I've had a sky bill 95 pound never had sky .???
They did not come for court hearing ? PCN case dismissed, should I put counter claim?
Whey they are keep asking for EON debt?
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:58 am

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