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Robert James 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

7 months remaining on my policy and they refuse to change to my new bike so it’s unusable. Also refuse to give me any of the premium back for the unused time on the policy. Avoid them

Jose Luis 7 months ago on Google
( 4 out of 5 )

Had been doing insurance with them for years and recently had my bike stolen. It took them a bit of time but they sorted everything out and I got a decent payment from them which I was not even expecting. So apart from being a bit slow, they were brilliant!

Karen Glendenning 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Debit insurance was so straight forward and very helpful when I had a problem. Very good insurance company and reasonable price

Devitt Insurance FAQs

I've tried calling every day for the past week and have just given up after being on hold for an hour every time. What is going on? I want to make a minor change to my policy but am just finding impossible to get through?

I have the same issue not getting any response. one of the worse call center no response even for the email its been 4 days now.

Why don"t you answer the phone 20 mins hanging on hold. Gave up. You must lose business
I've been calling continously for the last 2 days; left 3 call back requests; and sent 2 emails asking them to get back to me. No response at all and it just doesn't look right to me. Does anybody know what's going on? Have they closed down?
Do you do multi-bike insurance?
Is there another number? They are not answering or calling me back. I have also sent them an email
Hi Can u do food insurance on motorbike as well. Plz let me know Thanks Shahzad baig
Do they actually answer the phone?
How would you feel if you lost your motorcycle in a garage fire and your insurer made an offer that wasn't enough to buy back the incomplete burnt salvage?
I have now been on the phone to Devitt 17 times at all different times of the day, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!!!! How do I make contact with them they want my business or not been with them for years Crazy
Is the company's number not working? I have tried several times on different devices and I am at my wit's end with it. Anyone else with this experience?
Why do you refuse to answer your phone? Are you still in business? Awful customer service is the result of cheap quotes. I suppose you get what you pay for.
it is now wed and still waiting for the call someone said on monday i will get one but still wiating for it, i would like to know the price ti ensure my harley with a trailer
I have been trying to contact you for 3 days to make a policy change - most calls are well over an hour - how do you expect to retain customers if you dont answer the phone or employ enough people to answer calls?
Why does no one answer the phone. I was due to renew but am going to cancel as I can not contact anyone.
I also have spent over 6 hours on hold and have not been answered also sent emails.still no answer..very unprofessional. Complain to the FCA if you are unhappy with the way they are running their business.
Why does no one anser the phone ?
Devitts have auto renewed my insurance for motorcycle, which I did not authorise. They are not responding to any of my calls or emails. How do I get a refund?
Again, I would agree - why do you not answer the phone??? On hold and then when looks like you are going to connect, it disconnects so you have to try all over again. Buy insurance elsewhere as impossible to get hold of customer services
why have i not been answered in any of my emails, or had replies to any of my phone calls?
After holding on the phone to for an hour to make changes to my policy I was just cut off! If I want to cancel now because my details have changed and I can't run this by you,how, exactly, am I supposed to do this if I can't get in touch with you??
called for a total of 7 hours over 3 days & no-one picks up ? GGGRRRRR
Really cheap and easy to do
do you give impound insurance services?
Who is the preferred windscreen replacement company
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