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Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust Cobbett House Manchester M13 9WL

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pamir r 6 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

I had an worst experience ever with a&e .. staff are so roude n even doctors are the worst… Went there at 8 pm came out at 12 pm n still couldn’t see the doctor. End up going to Salford hospital.. …

Shameela iftikhar 6 months ago on Google
( 2 out of 5 )

Irrsponsible not caring and no good manners no worries that doctor or nurses dose nt even care if they even die they just think they can do every thing bad staff they take a day to arrange little thing the recpertiry doctor ain’t no goood

Ellie Mullock 6 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

I think personally they are a waste of time I waited in the waiting room for two hours just to go in for 5 mins they firstly started it of with getting the wrong notes and person on the computer and then all hey did was trim my stitches …

Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital FAQs

Why are the security staff at the hospital so arrogant, ignorant, rude, aggressive, obnoxious, uncaring, unsympathetic and unprofessional and why are they always on their mobile phones?

I don't have any answer do you have any other clue

Is there Dr. William Hans by name?
how to get on royal children manchester hospital
Is there disabled parking.
Is Dr kilian Wilson available there?
Is Dr. Louis there
Is there a doctor by name. Dr. Alex Anand, pediatric cardiologist
Do you take hand knitted baby hats and cannula covers for babies ??
Hi Can i have an appointment with Dr Kelvin Williams
Is there Dr Kelvin in the Hospital????
Is there a chinese staff by the name of John Chun or Ben?
Is there Dr Morris Nelson
Where can I find your doctors list and services
Is their nurse called Mutesi Freddie from Uganda
where do I park for childrens hos[ital
Can I get patient transport for my 3 year old who has to have 6 teeth out under general anasthetic
Any gene therapy studies for network ceroid lipofuscinosis variant 6 going on?
How do i get there from the east lancs from wigan
Dr john in hospital
Is there any branch in Newyork
Is there Dr. Denis by name
Can this hospital not do a major surgery on a child if her father out of the country and cant pay til his able to get back to the uk
Does the hospital provide private surgery for Tonsil removal for a 13 year old boy
Wots the phone number for ward 67 or 76 i think children hospital manchester
Is there a doctor Dr. Carinova jose by name?
Do you take hand knitted baby hats and cannula sleeves
Is there Dr Ahmed Khan pediatrician.
Can't arrange simple things and show off that is the best hospital in Europe the people in pain tells the nurse they won't listen before they will say something and they will do something
I am a sudanese doctor i am looking for a job. Can i find a job in your hospital?
(Translated by Google) Which hospital is the owner kubilay domac (Original) Rumah sakit mana yang pemiliknya kubilay domac
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:58 am

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Monday 7:45 AM – 7:45 PM
Tuesday 7:45 AM – 7:45 PM
Wednesday 7:45 AM – 7:45 PM
Thursday 7:45 AM – 7:45 PM
Friday 7:45 AM – 7:45 PM
Saturday Closed
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