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Swale Heating Ltd Heard Way, Eurolink Industrial Estate Sittingbourne Kent ME10 3SA

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Ian john Wright 8 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Avoid Avoid, Avoid at all costs I’ve spent over 3 hours trying to contact them in 1 day still haven’t managed to get through have to use them as housing association uses them as main contractor there an absolute joke and would be …

Ty Barrett 8 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Avoid these people at all costs. My mum took out a boiler breakdown cover with them. She is elderly and has a heart condition and they left her with no heating for weeks. Turn up with wrong parts, turned up without parts, and constantly …

purple minion 8 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Biggest bunch of jokers. Unprofessional engineers. 4 appointments rearranged and a visit with wrong parts when engineer had already been and told them the part required. Called at end of day to say they cant attend again because of an …

Swale Heating FAQs

Why will no one speak to me? Also why will your web page not let me register so I can make a repair request?

Always had great service professional engineers

Is swale cheaper than british gas. Bt charge 2k plus fitting.
Why is it so difficult to get in touch with customer service? Online portal doesn't work and never anyone for a live chat! No problem with engineers turning up but not with the correct part... So stressful!
Why dont you answer either the phone, or emails? three times I have been left waiting in a supposed queue on the phone for over 50 minutes, and still no answer? I have also sent three emails, each unanswered? What is your problem there?
when the engineer will arrive today
how long does it take to get d some help from you.i want to report a poss fault and all i have got from you is stupid music over the phone.if my house goes up in smoke i hope you tell them why.
I call 5 times & they promise me to send appointment confirmation to my email or text they didn't. my ? Is it's the company policy to ignore people request.
cont.... I have brought some foam type winter proof tubes to slide over out side ,and loft pipes. can you put on for me , as no head for heights let alone ladder. pls reply. thank you.
How can we get rid of hive thermasat for our hot water and central Can Swale change this setup to a manual one that we can control ourselves.?
What length of labour does the call out charge include?
How much to fit a frost protection kit to my external (about 6.5metres) condensate pipe which froze last year and stopped the boiler for about 5 days? Swale fitted the Worcester Bosch boiler about 4 years ago.
Why will my heating only go up to 17 degrees it used to get up to 20
Can you fit a baxi brazilia in your bathroom?
Why do Swale Heating keep cancelling their appointments? Mine is six months late. But you still cancelled. You claim to keep your customers safe and warm. But my Autumn boiler service is six months late. Completely hopeless!
A engineer should visit today is he still coming and what time please
How to adjust hot water temperature on the ST94000C
hello is it my appointment today
I ordered a gas control lead for a pottrerton netaheat boiler part No 212327 from you and paid for it on paypall on November 6th can you give me a delivery date please Yours Harry Wright
Where is the gas service engineer? He was supposed to come this morning.
I cannot get through on phone or Portal and have now sat on the phone for 30min and this is since 9ok this morning. Can you please tell me what is wrong
I am over 60 years old working with tax credits can I get government grants to get free boiler
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:57 am

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