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Belvedere Road Burton -on- Trent Staffordshire DE13 0RB

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Botas Alexandra 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

The worst receptionists and nurses and doctors!!!!
I arrived at the emergency last night at 20. said that they are very busy that I would have to wait around 5 or 6 hours provided there were 10 people in the …

Lorna Marshall 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Had my second baby here in February 2019 but this time a planned c section as I had complications with my first, both times I’ve been here the midwives and doctors have been great, felt really well cared for, this time I was quite nervous …

Anthony Silver 7 months ago on Google
( 2 out of 5 )

I was booked into A&E by a GP via NHS111 and was seen within an hour by triage then a 5 hour wait to see a doctor (who looked and behaved like he’d just powdered his nose) for 30 seconds before being told to go home. …

Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust FAQs

What department (if any) can you loan crutches from, as i had an x-ray on my knee on thursday and am now struggling to walk

Try physiotherapy.

Where exactly is Cardioresp;iratory unit
Where in the hospitalis the endoscopy
Why are there no sanitisers/wipes for use near the car parking paying machines. Right now there is no way of santising the touch screen before or after use. Not acceptable at all. tgecurrent
Is there a emergency dental service at the hospital
Does queens hospital Burton on Trent have a radiotherapy department?
where is the pre op assessment centre in Queen's Burton
Do you have to isolate before operation
What are the visiting rules for wards in the treatment centre
What are visiting hours on word 801
I have been trying to ring physio for 2 weeks to cancel appointment no longer needed. Also tried through switchboard. Cannot use referral form as not referral. Someone out there may bee desperate for appointment?
Hi my daughter expecting a baby very soon. How much will the car park be while shes in labour say 6 hours please im about 200 miles away so need to make sure i can.park thank you
How do I get in touch with the department that makes orthotics
Is there anywhere higher than a nurse you can contact if you have a complaint about an inpatient not being given their tablets when they are important medication
Can I please be put through to the hearing aid department
Does the bus stop outside of Burton hospital
What are visiting times at ward 3
Does the X12 bus go past the Queens hospital burton?
Which ward is the urology
Where is ward 16 at Burton hospital ? Please
What is the phone number for PALS
Do the x-ray department ever answer the phone? Been ring for 6 days and not spoke to anyone. It's ridiculous to be honest
What are the parking fees at Queens hospital Burton
My wife requires a blood test before visiting the oncology department the following day, can an appointment be made, she does have a bag with details supplied at previous appointment.
Where is entrance D
Where is Entrance D please
Where about is carpark 6D
Where are blood tests done in the hospital.
Where do you go in the hospital for a blood test.
Where is the covid 19 vaccination hub located
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