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Coombe Valley Road Dover Kent CT17 0HD

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Keith Butler 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Genuinely caring staff, professional but still with a kind heart.
Carparking is a bit of a pain, just not enough spaces, and the walk to the main entrance, well at one time I thought we should call a taxi as it’s so far. …

Lisa J 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Just wanted to say how kind and professional all the staff in CT GALLAGER suit were this morning. Richard set me at ease for this virtual colonoscopy and is amazing at getting a needle in me the first time! What an asset this man is to your team
Thank you

PUBLIC SECTOR JOBSWORTHS 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

The Dr rang me to tell me to get in to see my father following a stroke knowing I lived a 5 hour drive away, her timing was impeccable. My father was very ill, they moved him into a private room for privacy while he passed away. They …

Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust FAQs

What is the phone number for the eye surgery dept at Maidstone Hospital.

Hi Jackie, Thank you for your question. The correct number for the Maidstone Hospital Eye Surgery Department is: 01622 226224.

Appointments phone number
My Father has an appointment at the Knee Service Clinic on Friday. Where within the hospital is this clinic?
My husband has an appointment in August for cataract assessment, am l allowed to accompany him? Thank you.
Can we phone pharmacy
Do you have food allergy testing capabilities
How long for to have both big toes have screwed in them to keep them straight
What are the parking charges at Maidstone hospital.
What are visiting hours for patients?
Is there a floor plan of the Hospital?
Can you get a taxi at Maidstone hospital?
Where is the urgent treatment/care department? it's not listed on the map/guide. Nobody is on reception, I don't want to bother anyone in A&E... Please help!
What is the number for appointments
Where is the urology department in Maidstone hospital
is there a department for athritis
Please can anyone tell me if cafe and restaurant is open to public as I have to go here on 11 Jun 2022 and for some reason the ambulance transport told me to take my own food a drink for the day?? Thankyou
What is the telephone number for oncology
(Translated by Google) Hello Do you have a trichologist? Can I make an appointment? (Original) ???????????? ? ??? ??????? ???? ????????????? ? ?????????? ?? ????? ?
Hi.... is parking free for Blue Badge holders? If so how and where do you get ticket validated? Many thanks
Can I request which hospital if it is a 999 call out
What are the visiting times
How can I get online E-learning page or mtw learning on line.?
Where is clinic area 1(green 9)c surgery's clinic
What is the number for MRI reception
I need to book an apoitment for my newborn son for the BCG vaccine.We didn't get it sooner because we moved in. I was referred from the GP to you because they can't do it. I haven't been able to sign up for a vaccine in a month! Where should i Apply
Where is the stop for 6X at pembury hospital to maidstone hospital
Husband needs a cataract operation could he be able to get it done at the hospital he is already under the eye department
After wasting best part of an hour talking to Maidstone Hospital telephone reception regarding a dent put into an ambulance how do we contact a human being to discus this?
Please can you give me the direct line number for Mr Frank AhFat's Secretary's phone number in Maidstone Hospital Eye clinic.
How many bed capacity for this hospital?
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